Archaeological excavations at Uchi Maius (Teboursouk, Bèja, Tunisia)

TitoloArchaeological excavations at Uchi Maius (Teboursouk, Bèja, Tunisia)
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsMastino A, Gelichi S, Milanese M
Book TitleCulture in sustainable development: an Italian strategy. [V. 3]: Research and pilot projects on archaeology and antropology
PublisherMinistero degli affari esteri, Department for development cooperation, Department of cultural relations
Keywordsarchaeology, stratigraphy, Uchi Maius

Since 1995 a joint Italian Tunisian mission has been conducting archaeological investigations at the site of Uchi Maius, an ancient Roman colony about a hundred kilometres to the south-west of Tunis in a hilly area in the south of the plain of Medjerda, in the governorship of Beja.
This research was initiated within an Italo-Tunisian agreement stipulated between the l'Institut National du Patrimoine and the University of Sassari, under the joint direction of M. Khanoussi and A. Mastino.
After the first years of investigation, the research has concentrated on understanding the stratigraphic and settlement sequence in the forum and citadel areas with notable results concerning the late antique and medieval phases.