Il <i>Castellum Tamudense</i> in età severiana (riassunto)

TitreIl Castellum Tamudense in età severiana (riassunto)
Type de publicationJournal Article
Nouvelles publications1991
AuteursMastino A
JournalAntiquités africaines
Mots clés<i>Castellum Tamudense</i>, Severan times

A recently found inscription from Suiar near the ruins of Tamuda (now in the Tetuan museum, Morocco) dated April 11, 210 A.D., is in a way associated to the restoration and defensive strengthening of Castellum Tamu[dense], in Severan times. This small camp, from Commodus' reign onwards, possibly housed a vexillatio of Brittones, under the command of a praepositus, a decurion of the [al]a III Asturum. This vexillatio had probably been garrisoned in Thamusida.
The dedication to Jupiter, made on the 65th anniversary of Septimius Severus, after the end of his victorious campaign in Britain, also evokes a procurator of Mauretania Tingitana who was most likely later involved in the repression ordered by Caracalla after the murder of his brother Geta, as the use of abolitio nominis tends to prove.
A final acclamation (et deinceps ob[ser]vabimus) might refer to the celebration of a propitiatory sacrifice that the soldiers under the command of the praepositus pledged themselves to renew under the same imperial circumstances.